Who moves the mattress?

Our Campus Directors and professional movers provide complimentary white glove installation and delivery of all our mattresses to both on campus and off campus locations.

When do move-ins and move-outs happen

Move-ins occur 1-2 days before the school terms start. We'll reach out to you with a delivery window. Just be present during that delivery window to let us in.

How do move-ins work?

We will provide you a delivery window. Just be present to let us in, and our white glove delivery will take care of the rest.

Can I rent a bed on campus if the option is not available?

Unfortunately not. You can request your Residential Life administration to bring Nova to campus. If you are interested in getting involved, contact us to learn more about how you can bring Nova to your campus, gain hands on entrepreneurial and corporate experience and supplement your income.

Do you have discounts for...?

We are happy to partner with fraternities, sororities, clubs, and any other campus organizations to offer discounted pricing for high-volume orders. If you're in a situation that might qualify or have a specific discount request, fill out our contact form.

How can I contact you?

We'd love to hear from you if you have a question, comment, or concern. Just fill out our contact form or contact our social media accounts located at the bottom of every page.

Can I use regular sheets?

Yes. You can use regular sheets with all of our mattresses. You can also purchase a set from us that will be delivered with your bed.

What happens if I damage the mattress?

If we determine that the mattress and frame have been improperly damaged beyond customary wear and tear, we will charge a replacement fee equivalent to the rental price.

Are frames included?

Yes. A frame is included with every mattress.

Are the mattresses clean?

Our mattresses are almost all brand new. We use a fresh mattress protector with each order and have a robust mattress cleaning process.

How firm are your mattresses?

All of our mattresses are designed to be comfortable for the widest range of sleepers at medium firmness.

Would I be able to receive a refund if the school year is cut short by SARS-COV-2 or unforeseen circumstances?

Unfortunately we are unable to offer Covid-19 related refunds if the school year is cut short or altered.