Why Parents Should Invest in their Child's Sleep

Academic Performance

According to a study in the Sleep Health Journal, “each additional day per week that a student experienced sleep problems raised the probability of dropping a course by 10% and lowered the cumulative GPA by 0.02.” Parents often spend over $70k per year on their child’s education, yet they skimp on one of the easiest ways to improve academic performance. Don’t be penny wise and pound foolish. Invest in your child's sleep! 

Mental Health

ADHD, Anxiety and Depression all are associated with a lack of high quality sleep. Worse, students already suffering from depression with sleep disturbances experienced “more intense and frequent anxiety and poorer cognitive and physical functioning.” If there was a pill that made your child smarter, happier, and healthier without any side effects, it would be heralded as a major scientific advancement. Sleep does just that! Invest in your child’s education, future and wellbeing.  

Easier Moving

Don’t waste your precious time sending your kid off to college by dragging a heavy and bulky bed, boxspring and frame through the quad and up countless flights of stairs to only have to repeat the process up to 7 more times over your child’s college career. Save both time and money by renting a premium bed from Nova and let our white glove delivery, installation and pickup take care of the rest.

Affordable and Sustainable

Renting is a fraction of the cost of buying. Take the more environmentally friendly option by renting with Nova and skip the trip to the dumpster. Next year, Nova will have a clean bed waiting.